Introducing QuickHelp™

We are pleased to announce QuickHelp™, eLearning for Office 365 users.

The QuickHelp™ platform zeroes in on an Office 365 learning journey that speaks to users as individuals with unique needs.

– Intake surveys create curated learning paths based on company goals, job titles, work habits and skill levels.
– The intelligent platform delivers targeted, individualized content and messaging that keeps people engaged with their learning.
– By delivering the right content at the right time, learning is reinforced and transforms the way users work.

The QuickHelp™ platform is designed to drive adoption and collaboration.

– Creates a learning culture and drives ongoing productivity.
– On-demand library of up-to-date learning content.
– 45+ live training classes each month.
– Topics focusing on specific applications and soft skills.
– Assessments to reinforce and test learning.
– PDF guides to support different learning styles.
– Not only teaches the how, but also the why. Why would I use OneNote? Once that is understood, then the user is taught how to use OneNote.
– Builds excitement in the team as new features and products are rolled out in the organization.

QuickHelp™ benefits for the organization:

– Maximize Microsoft investments.
– Remove duplicate applications and task.
– Create a learning culture.
– Improve productivity.
– Decrease security risk.
– Limit support expenses.
– One new skill saves each employee an average of 18 minutes per week.
– One new skill saves one support call.
– Live productivity events save users an average of one hour per week.

Contact Matter Information Technology Services today to learn more about this amazing learning platform for your Office 365 users.  386-868-0022