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You don’t have hours to spare to learn how to properly use Office 365. With QuickHelp™, you get the full value out of your Microsoft investment. This online learning platform makes it easy to learn how to use Office 365 the right way, so you and your employees can be more productive and work smarter.

QuickHelp™ is designed to drive adoption and collaboration with an on-demand library of searchable content focused on specific applications and features. Reduce training costs and downtime for your organization with a learning platform that will help you see long-term change and engagement.

Key Features and Benefits of QuickHelp™

Creates a learning culture and drives ongoing productivity

On-demand library of up-to-date learning content

45+ live training classes each month

Topics focusing on specific applications and soft skills

Assessments to reinforce and test learning

PDF guides to support different learning styles

Transform the way you work

Microsoft Office 365 is consistently having new features and new products added to it.  Being able to quickly adapt to all the new features of Office means greater productivity and savings for every organization.

Imagine getting a new car every few months.  It's still a car, but it's sleeker, faster, safer, and easier to drive.  You know how to drive so nothing changes there, but now you can just tap your thumb on the steering wheel and talk on the phone.  Before you had to fiddle with your phone or your dashboard.  It's now faster, safer and easier then ever to use your phone in your car.  Office 365 is just like that, however, if you don't know how to use these great new features, one stumbles do things the hard way.

You need an easy way to get the most out of Office 365 and keep up with the continuous updates at the same time.

Bring clarity to learning


Traditional training is time-consuming and can feel like information overload by teaching large amounts of information in a short amount of time.  Unless all that information is used immediately, people tend to forget quickly what was taught.  If you’ve ever experienced this, you know how frustrating it can be. Learning with QuickHelp™ is different.

The QuickHelp™ platform zeroes in on a learning journey that speaks to users as individuals with unique needs giving them the right learning path just in time.


Intake surveys create curated learning paths based on company goals, job titles, work habits and skill levels.


Our intelligent platform delivers targeted, individualized content and messaging that keeps people engaged with their learning.


By delivering the right content at the right time, we reinforce learning and transform the way users work.


Changing the way people work means driving adoption, preserving IT resources and increasing productivity and collaboration.  The impact of proper learning for users is huge.

Consider a user that learns a new skill that saves them 1 minute per hour.  Based on a 8 hour work day, that's 8 minutes per day.  Seems minor, but let's take it further.  5 work days in a week makes that 40 minutes per week.  50 work weeks in a year, based on 2 weeks vacation, makes that 2000 minutes per year.  That is 33.33 hours per year just by saving 1 minute per hour knowing a new skill or a new way of doing something that is more efficient.  That is only 1 user saving 1 minute per hour.  Start multiplying that by less help desk calls, less interruptions of asking fellow co-workers, less time getting frustrated and the savings are immense.

Your organization could save thousands of hours and dollars per year with the proper, on-time training of your Office 365 users.  What kind of results are in store for you?  Contact Matter Information Technology Services today to learn more about learning Office 365.  386-868-0022.